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A Fresh Take On Bottled Water

Welcome to Local Vyykn. By offering a fresher, more sustainable, more transparent, premium water in glass combined with an engaging technology based hydration platform, Vyykn is uniquely aims to disrupt the entire ‘bottled water’ paradigm.


What Is Micro Bottling?

When Vyykn enters a particular city or geographical area, one of the first things we do is set up a Micro Bottling facility. This facility will usually be located in a central location with easy access to local restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and businesses.

Each Micro Bottling facility is equipped with state of the art water purification technology and harnesses local water to produce the freshest pH balanced and carbonated water on the market.

Vyykn ION and Vyykn Vizz are bottled in glass and delivered daily to Vyykn accounts using a Vyykn electric delivery vehicle. Each bottle is delivered fresh with all the water quality information clearly displayed on the bottle seal.

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Two Premium Waters, In Glass

Vyykn ION – 750 ML:

  • Vyykn pH balanced alkaline water uses only minerals found in nature’s own purification process.
  • ION water assists the body in its pursuit of the ideal 7.4 pH level. A natural anti-oxident, ION water provides a balance to our increasingly acidic diets and is linked to many other health benefits.

Vyykn VIZZ – 750ML:

  • Using Vyykn ION as its source, carbon dioxide is forced under pressure and dissolved into the water using Vyykn’s proprietry mixing device.
  • This process, known as carbonation, causes the water to become effervescent.
  • If VIZZ tastes more bubbly and less gassy than other waters you have tasted – that’s because it is.


Where Can I Find Vyykn?

Vyykn ION and Vyykn Vizz are the perfect premium water choice for every occasion. Check the Vyykn App for Vyykn locations in your vicinity.

Pics of product in Restaurant/Grocery Store/Coffee Shop/ Hotel with additional marketing collateral


An increasing number of hotels are now offering Vyykn to their guests. Vyykn offers a high-quality, fresh water choice with a unique environmental, local story that cannot be matched. Look for Vyykn on your bedside table.


Grocery Stores

Drop off your Vyykn empties at the grocery store in the designated Vyykn redemption receptacles and pick up fresh bottles. Be sure to scan the Vyykn barcode on the bottle to claim your Vy Coins and receive discounts from participating partners..



Vyykn ION and Vyykn Vizz are increasingly becoming the water of choice for restaurants. Be sure to ask your server for tour Vyykn water menu!


Coffee Shops

Grab and go a fresh bottle of with your daily coffee. Return the next day, return your bottle, collecting Vy Coins as you go.


How Do Vy Coins Work?

Before depositing a bottle at one of the Redemption Receptacles, scan the barcode on the bottle using the Scan feature on the Vyykn App. By scanning the barcode the you establish the first step of identifying that you returned the bottle.

When the bottle is returned to Vyykn HQ it is scanned and the verification process is complete and Vy Coins are automatically allocated to your account and are visible using the Vyykn App. Vy Coins can be used at participating locations to receive discounts and promotions.

Vy Coin is a virtual currency designed to promote the safe return of the bottle back to the Vyykn eco system as well as reward customers for their partipation in the ‘Redemption’ program.

The barcode on the bottle seal plays an essential role in attributing Vy Coins to customers that return the bottle to one of the Vyykn Redemption receptacles.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Bottling in glass and keeping these glass bottles perpetually in circulation within the Vyykn ecosystem means ‘recycling’ is already baked into Vyykn’s DNA.


Why Vyykn

Vyykn Other Waters









Glass, NOT Plastic:

Vyykn truly offers a sustainable solution to bottled water. Whether it’s Vyykn glass bottles used in our micro bottling program or Vyykn stainless steel bottles used by our subscribers, our commitment to sustainability is at the heart of our mission.

Did you know that it requires 5 times as much water to produce one plastic bottle of water than the water that is actually in the bottle?

Did you know that Americans use 50 billion plastic water bottles each year and that only 23% get recycled meaning 38 billion water bottles each year get added to our environmental crises?

Environmental Savings

Vyykn is proud of its commitment to offering a sustainable solution to water and is equally proud to share the environmental savings achievements of the Vyykn community on the screen of all Vyykn systems and the personal environmental savings of each Vyykn customer on the Vyykn app.

Vyykn recently hit a significant company milestone when it registered its millionth liter of water dispensed by the Vyykn community.

By using glass and stainless steel glass bottles rather than plastic, Vyykn subscribers collectively saved over half a million plastic bottles from being produced, which translates to 138,000 gallons of oil saved, 340,000 pounds of CO2 emissions and over a quarter of a million gallons of water saved.



Just In Time Production

Vyykn’s promise to you is to offer the freshest filtered water on the planet. Vyykn can make that promise because we produce locally, with a ‘just in time’ production approach that ensures that the Vyykn bottles we drop off to our various partners were produced within a few of days of delivery. You can verify this fact by looking at the date of production information printed right on the seal.

Freshness is Assured

Other bottled waters cannot make this assurance. Take a look at the bottled on date for the few bottlers that actually provide this information. Our research has revealed so called premium brand bottled waters in non-refrigerated plastic bottles, sitting in restaurants and on the shelves of supermarkets with a production date of up to two years old.

No Plastic, No Leaching

No matter how pristine the source of a particular bottled water might be, the leaching effect from a prolonged exposure to toxic plastic bottles almost certainly renders the product contaminated.

Freshness Guarantee

Vyykn makes an assurance of freshness to its customers. Any bottled of Vyykn that remains unopened for 30 days or more will automatically be switched out for a new, fresh bottle at no cost.



Hydration Tracking

One of the many ways Vyykn is differentiated from any other bottled water on the planet is through it’s app driven, cloud based, hydration platform. Whether you are Vyykn subscriber, a Vyykn micro-bottling customer, or both, you can download the Vyykn app to track your daily hydration in real time and receive reminders if you are falling behind your hydration target.

Behavior Modifying

The Vyykn app is a behavior modifying tool designed to set personal hydration targets based on age, weight and height and offers an array of features outlined below, to ensure that staying hydrated is engaging, fun and achieved.

  • Daily hydration target
  • Drop push notifications if you are falling behind your hydration target
  • Geolocator to identify Vyykn systems and micro bottling distribution locations in your area
  • Personal environmental savings dashboard
  • Bottle scan to register Vyykn water consumption and collect Vy Coins.
  • Tracking to review previous day/week/month hydration history




It’s All On The Seal

Vyykn’s water quality is not only in the bottle but on the bottle. Each bottle of Vyykn is carefully sealed and its water quality captured and displayed on the label. Each label contains:

  • Bottled date
  • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
  • pH
  • Barcode, to register water consumption to the app and facilitate Vy Coin collection



Best In Glass

Unlike many bottled waters that sit in unrefrigerated toxic plastic bottles for months and sometimes years before consumption, Vyykn is bottled in glass and the bottled date is printed right on the seal.

Did you know the U.S.’s recycling rate for plastic is only 23 percent, which means 38 billion water bottles are added to our environmental crises each year.

Because Vyykn is bottled in glass and is perpetually in circulation within the Vyykn ecosystem, ‘recycling’ is already baked into Vyykn’s DNA.



Farm To Table

No matter where in the world, Vyykn is always local. Unlike many bottled waters that come from across the country or across continents with huge associated carbon footprints, Vyykn is from across town and dropped off daily in Vyykn’s electric delivery vehicle.


& Much More...

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